Is the battletech mod compatible with recent versions?

I want to add it to my save but i have no idea if it would be compatible.

Create a new world with this mod and see if there are any loading errors.

It just crashes with no warning.

Well then its definitely incompatible with existing saves. Try it with a new world. If it does the same, its definitely not compatible.

How old is that thing, anyway. I’ve been around for years and haven’t seen a battletech mod.

I did try it with a new world, that was the only way i would know if it was a incompatible mod.
Its more than 2 years old, i beleive.

It should not just crash. There should be an error message displayed:

If it is not - check debug.log.

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im going to update this now for my mod complilation

this mod is now working download it from my github

It works! (20 characters)

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