Is it worth lining masks?

So eye encumbrance and mouth encumbrance are the main factors, would you say its worth lining the heavy survivor mask with kevlar and leather?

Not unless you’re planning on 1v1ing a Hulk armed only with a rubber spork at any point. The heavy survivor gear is, generally, more than enough for general combat, and you’ll really hate that mouth encumbrance once your stamina is empty and the tank drone chasing you is getting ready to start redecorating the streets with your charred body chunks.

All joking aside, I’d say no. The heavy survivor mask is generally more than enough and mouth encumbrance can be crippling. For stamina alone I usually only go for the light survivor mask regardless of the heavy survivor armor all over the rest of my body.

Basically exactly as Darktoes has said. Even with lighter gear I find that reinforcing it is very rarely worth it for the encumbrance.

I get 100% armor coverage. But I would like nothing more than to see more light encumbrance garments that provide more slot placement and item attachments.

On the topic of mask lining? Not worth it. Find Ballistic Glasses and a dust mask and hope nothing aims for those areas.