How exactly does mouth encumbrance work?

Even if i put gas masks piled on top of each other, it doesn’t seem to have any effect on my char. So, what is this running speed? What does it do?

Increases tile movement cost, as it is harder to breathe.

it increases nothing in my build (0.6 something)

Are you sure that it increases nothing? Just because it increases movement cost of every tile does not mean that when you are looking at that it will change. The tile cost displayed on the tiles is the intrinsic movement cost, how long this takes to move through is then modified by speed and mouth encumbrance.

I’m reliably certain I removed the effect of mouth encumbrance on speed about a year ago. I cannot recall why, and why I did not remove the message about it.

thanks, i feel so … vindicated

@ others : ha

It shouldn’t affect speed but something… has anyone worn a gas mask? I have, one of the old all rubber ones, hot and itchy as frick, annoying to breath in, and fogs up a lot too, but this was a rather old WWII type one, idk how newer military-grade ones feel.

Maybe a moral penalty?

It does affect the eyes encumbrance, so it’s not exactly free for wear, that’s why i have instead 2 filter masks.

Huh. I could’ve sworn that Combat Monster got clobbered by the Horrors when he forgot to take off his gas mask, but clobbered them when he remembered to take it off. Hence my warning in the Guides: Mine page, based on 02Feb.


I see only one reference to “encumb(bp_mouth)” in the source, although I can’t be sure that I didn’t miss something which was formatted differently.

The documentation should definitely be updated to match, if that is indeed the case.

While wearing a device that’s difficult to breath in and attempting any physically straining activity (we’re assuming a brisk jog for players correct?) you’ll start heating up, becoming dehydrated and exhausted extremely quickly; Hence the movement cost (and attack or something else?)

Uh, it’s just harder to breathe when you’re wearing some bullshit over your mouth, so slowing down running speed makes sense. Well, assuming the survivor runs wherever he goes, which I suppose he does.

Gas masks in particular are really unpleasant to wear while doing anything strenuous, even the newer ones. Although I think it’d really only effect your endurance if you were really gasping for air anyways. A slow jog or hiking with a heavy load while wearing a scarf would’nt really slow you down that much assuming you were not horribly out of shape and winded from just doing that.

New, military-issue gas masks are supposedly much easier to breathe in and those in the future would probably even better, though I assume they would still be a royal pain in the ass regardless.

Wear a gas mask in the game during summer for a cooked face. Wear a gas mask while using ranged weapons to become a storm trooper.

Use filter masks + safety glasses. Similar performance all around without making you hot and blind.

I knew it! All of those people telling me otherwise where wrouang! What? You beleive everything the games well crafted interface tells you?

Gas masks do give eye encumberance (strange as that sounds out of context) in the game afaik, gas masks get in the way of a proper cheek weld and eye relief looking down sights. Like with the M16/M4 you have to cant it to the left with the rear sight post bumping against the lens, it’s awkward as hell.

Then again, that probably shouldn’t matter that much, since all the gunplay in cata is panicky short range shooting on two feet anyways, all that shooting ergonomics stuff only matters for hitting things past 100 meters or so.