Is it possible to repair electronics damaged by emp?

Got electrocuted but am fine, electronics I have, both scavanged and personal have been fried, especially important to fix would be my shooter’s earmuffs. Is there a way currently? Supposedly irl there is a way but is costly, though I think it may be worth it in the apocalypse one finds themselves in.

Nope, fried electronics is broken for ever.

What if you disassemble them and re-use the scrap for other electronics?

I don’t believe the game tracks broken electronics, so it should be possible to exploit the system to disassemble broken electronic equipment and the fried components would magically be undamaged.

Damn, guess its back to old-fashioned wearable earplugs. That or hope the local Exodii finally sell the ear bionic.

Don’t want to upset you, but we have plans to somehow disrupt bionics’ work (or maybe even destroy them outright) after EMP effect.

Now you’re just gonna make me more scared of them electric types. They should at least be protected by clothing or even that CBM that prevents us from being electrified, right?

Yeah, adding these is in the plans too.