Is it possible to blacklist the entire JSON files?

I had an idea about a global mod, and now i wonder, is it possible for a mod to blacklist all recipe jsons, for example, without manually blacklisting or overwriting every item in the existing ones?

Or maybe there’s a way to force the game to load only the selected jsons?

you can make overwrites for all jsons and make them uncraftable

Currently no

From a design standpoint it would be a good idea to turn the core game into a bunch of “core mods” such as core guns, core materials, core overmap etc.
But it isn’t done yet and it isn’t a trivial thing.

Thanks for answers.

I will try that, thanks.

Actually, now i realise it will be easier to just make a copy of cataclysm folder, delete or modify the original files and launch the game as a “mod”.