Changes to Butchery or at least some ideas

So i was thinking on some aspects of Butchery. And i felt it would work better if it was orginized like this.
Quick, Full,Field dress, dissect, and quarter. with it being set in to group quick is the faster sloppy version of Full, field dress is the on scene version of dissect and quarter is just for storage. also for some function changes. one doing any butchery on a zombie will prevent them from coming back. i field dressed 3 zombies and then quartered them and they still had the yellow lines that showed they could come back. so i think if you did any large damage to them they stay dead. also dissect does not destroy the body. so you can dissect a body and get bionics and internal organs they could have uses like when i do a full Butchery on a cow. also Skin option if i am only looking for skin. Hunters cuts which is mostly of skinning and smokable levels of meat and the bones

I don’t get how field dressing and quarter zombies allows the to come back but you can just kick one enough for it to not revive.
Unless there is good, active, reasoning for this, that seems kind of stupid and I imagine was simply overlooked.

yeah most likely just a bit of over look

Shortly after I saw the new butchery system I started wondering if it would make sense to allow targeted harvesting. Attempting to harvest as much of one resource from the corpse and either costing extra time to minimize damage to other resources, or saving time by being wasteful with non-target resources.

I’m still not entirely sure.

Closest real world example I can think of is the dressing decisions like ribs or hams, tenderloins or hams etc where its not usually a question of how MUCH, but of where the cuts are, and thus which meat is part of which cut of meat.

Hmm. That feels like it sounds confusing

Based on the zombie lore I feel like field dressing is revivable, but quartering probably shouldn’t be.

when you quarter you cut the body in to 4 pieces so yeah unless they added some sort of zombie that just a part of a zombie they would not be revialvable

They have some level of regeneration, even as basic zombies, but I don’t think that given ANY amount of time that they can regrow limbs. Would be interesting to see some kind of mutilated zombies come into things. Could be a path in the evolution tree maybe one of the dead ends?, ones that got busted up bad by environment/animals/people before or after zombification

hmmm i would say any mutations out side burned related on should happen before zombification or be rare. outside things like fungal or lots of radiation. so i could see quartered zombies parts comeing back. but at like 5% of the time only so very rare. and damage limits on what could be revivable in the first place. would also be needed. so like i just nailed a zombie with a 50 cal shot to the chest and know that zombie doesn’t have much of a torso would keep them dead. but a arrow to the head would be understandable

I’m not sure if the lore has any answers on what is/ isn’t revivable outside of straight body mass being sufficient for the cause of zombification.

Seems to me like between riots and fighting and people trying to fend off zombies,there would be a lot of ways for a person to get pretty badly mutilated in the process of getting turned