Is influenza the worst non-lethal disease? should the duration be nerfed?

Recently I caught a flu and I thought at first I could just wait it out like a broken leg and just spend the time reading, but due to the massive tiredness exhaustion generation I only have enough time to boil some water before i’m forced to sleep because i’m so exhausted. I tried ignoring the tiredness but because my intelligence is so low I can barely get 30% in to a “easy” book before I have to sleep.

Worse yet because i’m out of commission for usually a week it means that the rest of the zombies will have mutated ramping up the difficulty, however unlike a broken leg where you at least have some new skills going into it (from reading/crafting), it essentially makes the entire world more difficult without any benefits (like how even a scenario challenge that speeds up the mutation time gives you some points) because you had to spend the whole boiling water and sleeping.

Not only is it not really that fun from a gameplay perspective playing a sleeping simulator (since it takes a while to get rid of) but it just seems kind of unfair that your game difficulty can be permanently increased from out of nowhere (since its an ambient disease).

I’d take the L if it was a couple of days but if its usually gonna be a week I feel like I might as well drink bleach and start a new run, because this one just got permanently more difficult (as opposed to something like fungus or addiction being temporary)

You can eliviate the symptomes via coughserup. Maybe the disease should come in phases with the beginning being mild symptomes and the worst phase almost forcing you to stay home or even in bed (is realstic)

If you’re playing with an increased mutation rate, things slowing you down early on an add a significant increase to the difficulty, while I don’t think it’s that bad with a normal rate.

My character caught a common cold that seemingly lasted for 3 weeks in the middle of summer (it probably only less, as the maximum duration is lower than that). In that case non drowsy cough syrup helped, but my character still had to sleep twice per day and couldn’t do much in the way of work. In my case it was just annoying and boring, though.
I don’t know if influenza is helped by cough syrup, however.