A less repetitive flu, and working cough medicines

So I’ve had the flu about a dozen times in this game…

Does an area remain “Fluish” after you get sick in it?

Why won’t cough medicines actually suppress the cough? They seem to be a less effective version of sleeping pills.

My suggestion is cough medicine that cures coughs.

You are right, cough meds are useless and do not help you at all (the real problem is sleeping.)

Still, the flu seems to be random. What does your character eat? Meat and vegetables decrease your risk for it.

It’s not Random. It happens when your health is low. Don’t eat junk food, take your vitamins and dose with those flu shots when you find them.

Also avoid drugs, though that might be difficult for you…

it has nothing to do with your location.

you can allways wear gas mask like me and you do not need to wory about cold and flu anymore

Cough syrup is considered a drug, right? So does cough syrup actually make you less healthy? I mean it makes sense, but I would definitely not use cough syrup if it doesn’t act as a cough suppressant AND makes you less healthy :stuck_out_tongue: The constant waking up from coughing is probably the worst part.

Yeah, cough medicine ought to be made working soon. I hope.

Take vitamins every day. Eat fruits whenever you find them. Use the flu shot if you find it. It’ll get your hidden health stat high enough where you won’t be getting sick nearly as often.

I think it should, though?
Because it seems logical to have a higher change of getting ambient diseases when you spend time around people infected with them.
Maybe we can use the scent trail to make an “infection trail”.

Also, this WIP on Git “Applies special zone post processing to generated maps, allowing for things like looted, overgrown, and fungus covered cities.”
Maybe a biohazard type could be added to it? Infectious zombies wearing damaged hazmat suits, contaminated water and food, increased chance of getting sick, and other effects like that.

What do you mean cough medicine isn’t working? It negates the attribute penalty.
Maybe Nyquil should make you less likely to wake from cough, but that’s it, it wouldn’t suppress cough entirely.

re: location, who said you’re getting it from people?
biohazard-ish conditions would be a possibility.

PROTIP: Wearing earplugs or noise-cancelling headgear (the latter you can craft yourself very simply), you’ll never wake up at night from coughing. Enjoy your restful sleep! And your inability to hear when zombears smash their way in!


That’s pretty funny, the sound of your own violent coughing is what wakes you and not the act of uncontrolled, spastic exhaling and inhaling :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought that was fixed?
The echo, at least, was changed to be a quite specific “You wake up coughing!”

You’ll want to eat your chicken soup and avoid eating raw meat and raw wild vegetables. They may have worms.