Is handling supposed to reduce aim speed?

I was fooling about with gun mods trying to see if there’s a way to make the repeating crossbow not suck, and I had a couple of problems. One is that dispersion modifications don’t seem to be working right, I apply a -30 dispersion mod and the weapon’s dispersion goes down by 10, which is odd and might be a bug.
The main thing though is I’m confused by how handling increases are working. I assume it’s supposed to reduce recoil, right? The crossbow doesn’t have any, which is nice, but it also seems to have a side effect of making the weapon slower to aim. Dropping the gyroscopic stabilizer onto the crossbow is supposed to reduce dispersion by -30 and improve handling by +6. But it also reduces aim speed from 104 to 78, What’s the reason for that?
The forward grip does the same sort of thing.

(Also there are not enough mods for crossbows, hardly anything fits, especially on the repeater.)

If I remember correctly handling decreases how much recoil you get per shot.

aim speed is based on weight of the gun, adding mods makes the weapon heavier.

Yeah I thought that might be it, but the thing that threw me when trying to figure it out was this:

If I add that forward grip, volume/weight goes up, and aim speed goes down.
Then I take that off, and try the gyroscopic stabilizer I was looking at in the first place. Volume/weight go up, aim speed goes down. All seems orderly, right?

So then I try putting the (useless) forward grip on with the gyro. Volume/weight goes up as expected, but aim speed stays the same as just having the gyro alone, like it was just taking the worse aim speed of the two mods rather than adding them together.
But if it really is weight, then I guess there’s a threshold it has to go over before it suddenly ratchets down to the next aim speed? That’s rather counterintuitive.

Anyway, long story short, there’s no way to get the repeating crossbow’s dispersion down to anything lower than 166+120 before adding ammo.


Huh, I shouldn’t have made the font so huge.

That’s -75 dispersion between the three mods, but only -25 in the results. Is anybody else seeing this weirdness? I also notice that the dispersion doesn’t seem to add up right between the weapon and the ammo, but the mods still only make a -25 difference between when they’re off or on. I’ll have to try some other weapons and see what’s going on.

ywah, i get weird things in the math or display too about dispersion. main gun has “45+30=45”

I saw someone mention that in a let’s play recently, and noticed it in my game too.

Sorry for not saying this sooner: I asked about the Dispersion on Reddit, Kevin responded by saying that the Dispersion had a hard bottom cap of 45 on all firearms, because 0 Dispersion was too “unrealistic”. He said he planned to change it so that cap was defined in the items json so people could change it if they wanted to (waiting for this change so I can make a mod I had in mind).

But yeah, you can’t get something below 45 Dispersion currently. If your total dispersion from the gun and ammo totals 45, you’re golden as far as that goes. Sadly, it makes a lot of Dispersion lowering mods useless because 45 dispersion is easy to hit with Barrel Extensions or Accurizing with a kit.

That’s a separate thing from the dispersion being calculated wrong. 45+30 is 75, not 45. That would only happen if there was an upper cap where dispersion can’t go OVER 45.

I believe its calculating your Gun and Ammo dispersion together, then applying reductions without telling you what those are; thus 45 pops up a lot.

That doesn’t fit the numbers above.

To recap, with a basic repeating crossbow+steel bolts I get:
Dispersion: 166+120 = 206
Adding a gyroscopic stabilizer (-30 dispersion), ergonomic grip (-15), and adjustable stock (-30) for a total of -75 dispersion, I get:
Dispersion: 141+120 = 181
Which doesn’t add up any way you look at it. That’s -25 dispersion, applied to the base and to the weird result.