Zombie insect interaction ideas

Apologies if these are already implemented, but as mentioned in #15372 there’s some potential for interesting spider / Wasp interaction with zombies. The core issue most people seem to have is they ignore each other. This was originally implemented because zombies would always eventually win out (because of the rezing) and kill off the insects which left for uninteresting gameplay.

I just wanted to create a place for some of these ideas

For spiders (and variants) if they win they could cocoon them and drag them back to the web.
It would eventually feed on it, and if that (or an old cocoon) was opened it could leave behind a “desiccated body” that won’t rez. If a fresh cocoon was opened it could spawn a “dissolving zombie” that would quickly lose health over time and can’t rez. More complicated but also more interesting to represent the Slime infection, on death it could spawn a “dissoluting blob” that would slowly try to attack the player, but each square of movement lose health, leave behind a slime trail, and get smaller, until it eventually dissolves away. This would also provide a hint that there’s more to what’s going on and a connection between them to be investigated

For wasps I like the Emerald Wasp idea, maybe if they win they could infect the zombie so it rezzes as a “dazed” zombie that has no attack or flee instinct. It would slowly take damage over the course of a few days and if allowed to die would spawn a wasp larva / cocoon / adult wasp depending on how complicated their currently implemented life cycle is. To make it more interesting any nearby wasp could lead a dazed zombie back to the nest (if within a certain range) like what the Emerald Cockroach Wasp does. We could even update the wasp description to more closely match it with an “iridescent emerald green body”


Honestly sounds like great suggestions. I used to have zombie revive off specifically for more interesting inter faction encounters. more ways for fun inter faction battles to happen and have more impact are great in my book.

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Maybe we could expand that to more normal factions as well such as making carnivorous animals/mutant actually eat corpses of the things they kill thus potentially preventing them for resurrecting. Because it is a little strange that an animal or mutant would just leave a perfectly good meal lying right where it is.

Also reminds me that zombie flesh is slightly mutagenetic (has active blob in it) so maybe we could implement a few more mutant animals to represent that (Like the bloated corvid). Or we could make a system where if you feed your dog to much zombie meat they start to mutate becoming potentially more useful at the risk of them becoming hostile to you as a result of mental alteration. Should go for pigs and cats to since they can eat meat to. (Driving your huge mutated battle hog into battle against the zombie hordes)


Not going to lie when I say that I am new to cataclysm, but would be interesting to watch either a wasp nest or spider basement creep into the City and deal with the zombies for you/act as meat shields for hordes.