Is anybody working on a realistic hygiene mod? If not

We have to eat and sleep and drink water, but what about all the other things we do on a daily basis?

You don’t want to smell too human, do you?
Plus, think of all the guts you’d be covered in after some of the encounters you’ve had.

I’m looking for:

  • regular waste output relative to food input, varying depending on gastric bionics

  • toilet paper (and other things relating to bathroom voyages)

  • ability to bury waste to avoid ambient human smells

  • “Constipated” debuff; I know it’s gross, but that shit would be a pretty significant problem in the Cataclysm

  • “solar shower” buildable structure (irl, solar showers are like, tarps full of collected water that gets heated by the sun, then it like, rains on you), moderate cleanliness boost

  • vehicle shower/sink addition in RVs, significant cleanliness boost

-basic hygiene tracker, worked in with the morale system; not so far as brushing teeth, but like, if you have soap, and a water source nearby, you should be able to get a “clean” bonus from it, towel to dry off as always
-“germophobic” might be a funny negative starting trait
-hygiene should go sharply down when you defecate without toilet paper in your inventory or nearby leaves

-hell, while we’re at it, trait-dependent characters could get a buff from wearing makeup, which would also improve NPC interaction

Help me brainstorm

being able to collect sewage and make cesspit traps would be so goddamn cool oh my god

I like the personal hygiene thing but I’m on the fence about the waste. Sure if you could craft like fertilizer or something out of manure, yeah. But I’m not sure it should be incredibly detailed.

oh hell naw, not detailed at all, but if it didn’t need to be dealt with, then you could just go on the same floor over and over and not have to worry about it.

I know people who do homesteading, and human waste is actually pretty useful.

Might want to check out the design doc sticky. No bodily functions unfortunately.

I can see where you’re coming from (I plan to have my own homestead some day too) but there’s been a lot of discussion about introducing a hygiene system (and the associated bodily functions) before. I think the general gist was that…

[ul][li]making the player push X to not die (aka taking a dump or a shower every ten mins would just add meaningless tedium.)[/li]
[li]not really much benefit. Fertilizer or maybe tanning for waste, showering would give what-- hidden health boost, some morale-- maybe tweak scent radius?[/li]
[li]on the flip side, not many downsides. Increased scent radius? More infections when hit, possible morale? fairly minor.[/li]
[li]tracking amounts of food and correlating that to waste would be time better spent fixing other stuff. Even more so if we had to track different waste types, components and states.[/li][/ul]

If you want to stick a hygiene system (purely the bath, shower and cleanliness stuff, luxury scented soaps, candles, how coated in gore you are and some benefits/etc) into a mod I think it would go over quite well with everyone though, so good luck.

Anyway, good night. Alarm is telling me it’s 7AM so I should probably sleep.

Oh yeah, I wasn’t really seeing this as a fully integrated feature, I just want like, the option of a mod that makes gameplay a little more grueling.

Yeah, needing to take a shit is one of those things that’s been suggested, and objected to for pretty much the same reason that it’s been suggested-and-objected-to in Dwarf Fortress.

Cleanliness has also been suggested. It’s been objected to due to the main plausible benefit being yet another pointless morale benefit, but I have suggested aping Dwarf Fortress and have it affect the odds of getting infected from injury.

The thing that I think would be nice to be added in would be morale bonuses for wearing a clean pair of clothes every so often, and the ability to wash your clothes. If you’re 30 days into the Cataclysm, and you’re still wearing the same pair of underwear you had when you started, you’re gonna feel pretty gross.
Maybe being able to wash your clothes in a well or another source of running water would be good.

Again, moooraaaleee. It’s weird enough that someone bothered to add shaving and hair trimming, because they have no EFFECT beyond a moral bonus.

We need hygiene effects with more practical uses.

[quote=“Random_dragon, post:8, topic:10736”]Again, moooraaaleee. It’s weird enough that someone bothered to add shaving and hair trimming, because they have no EFFECT beyond a moral bonus.

We need hygiene effects with more practical uses.[/quote]

Perhaps shaving, hair-trimming, and clean clothes could significantly affect NPC interactions.

Most folks would be more likely to trust a well-groomed, clean-cut fellow than a scruffy, smelly dude with a messy beard down to his waist.


Not until NPCs are more fleshed out, as it stands the Ugly trait is basically a free point because who cares about NPCs and their feelings? o3o

What about power armor? do we need to clean the armor with the soap? and what happen when we take shit while wearing the power armor?

Same as with a space suit. o3o

Dude… that was a big metal gear we a talking about…

but speak about wash clothes, I do however, have a idea, is about radiation, how about we can make those radiation that can stay on you clothes, and it will infiltrate you slowly, unless you take off you clohes, then you can wash off those radiation, make you able to wear it again…

The main purpose of hygiene would be smell, and interacting with other people. For example, I can choose NOT to wash all the blood off me, and appear all the more imposing and threatening to all I run into, or I can wash my stuff, and appear more presentable, and also zoms. And a huge moral boost , but it feels nice to be clean, and also have a nice warm bath. Or a boost to psycos if you got that blood. and again, all by-produce is a big no, even in a mod. And it can be effect by what you travel and walk through, plus a way to prevent infection from spores (or more accurately, a means to be carrying spores if you don’t wash.)
Also, if you don’t shave, gas masks may not fit, hair get in the way of eyes, getting grabbed by the hair,fire danger, and unnecessary weight on your head that provides heat, and even some thread, for emergency, or kindling. And a boost to the vain for a good haircut.

Meh. Practical reasons to not cover yourself first. :V

Well, as much as I’d like to see hygiene playing a bigger role in the game, I think RandomDragon pretty much pointed out that there is no good way to implement it at the moment. All proposed effects (health, infection risk, NPC interaction, morale, etc) are pretty solid reasons to include a hygiene system, at least from the perspective of realism. Not from a gameplay perspective, however. You can pretty much ignore morale the whole game (or boost it to high heavens by perpetually self-fucking yourself with a vibrator -_-), the health stat prevents a minor nuisance and who cares about NPCs opinion at the moment? I’m just saying that the game is probably not ready for anything like what’s been suggested.

Sadly, yeah. Infection risk would be a viable practical reason, but right now you can only risk infection from special injuries, mainly bites.

If first aid as a whole were flesh out so that cutting damage in general caused bleeding and risked infection if not treated properly, then trying not to be covered in filth could be used for a practical purpose.

In that case you still wouldn’t need overall hygene, just specific wound care. I have a really old issue on github that outlines how I’d like it to work, annoying to look up right now since I’m on my phone.

Ah right. Would work well with the idea of bleeding being reworked, as well.

I kinda tried to make a PR to lay the foundation of it, but it proved more complex than I thought.