Iron lung bionic

I was thinking it would be nice if we got some bionics that helped with breathing, such as when your breathing stops during alcohol poisoning, or getting winded. the idea would be that if your lungs stopped working it will still “manually” control the lungs/heart to contract as long they’re powered. this wouldn’t help with drowning or smoke inhalation of course.


The respirator sort of does that. If you’re getting winded, you can activate it to increase your oxygen intake at the cost of a lot of bionic power.

I would like having a life support cbm when it Runs Out of power you die Asa bad cybernetic for making challenges like Robocop and stuff


So an asthma counter measure CBM?

My life support idea would probably help with asthma I don’t know butt It would be great making a scenario you are stuck in a lab You are a super augmented Soldier You don’t have any way of charging and your life support system takes 3-4 Energy Everyday If You Run out you die if you want to use your amazing cyborg Power you shorten Your lifespan at least in till you find a way of charge yourself because it’s a bad cbm It’s super difficult to remove

that would be cool?


I like that idea it reminds me of a movie younger me liked where a persons time was a literal currency glowing on the persons arm. This would be a fantastic challenge and a supple addition.