IRC client as part of game client

Tome 4 (another good rogue like) has an in game chat even though its a single player game. I know there is an IRC channel. is there an easy way to take an IRC client and have it as part of the game? can open as a separate window when you run the game and automatically connect?

could be good for building the community.

Oh god I fucking hate ToME’s always-on chat. If I want to know something about the game, it’s a roguelike, I can step away from it and look it up on the wiki or ask someone without even needing to press a pause key. If I want to be sociable with the community, i’ll come here. I really don’t need other players looking over my shoulder and getting a notification when survivor #3283 picked up an artifact or died.

I have to agree with sodapop on this.

Besides the fact that it’s annoying and a misfeature outside of multiplayer games, it certainly doesn’t have enough advantages to justify the overhead and added complexity.

Yeah, really. If I wanted to connect to an IRC channel to chat while playing the game, I’d load up an IRC client and chat while playing the game. I’m running windows, so I can have, y’know, multiple windows open. Since the game isn’t multiplayer, there’s no need for the chat, and good reasons to not have it.