Invisible NPCs in underground and invicible MBR vests-804c458

Whenever im underground - labs or basements for example, there spawn invisible npcs. You can’t see them, but they can talk and fight. It’s not a matter of vision as even with a flashlight they aren’t there. Until they tell you to drop your weapon and rob you and you can’t even fight back as you can’t see them.

You can disassemble nearly destroyed MBR vests (kevlar, ceramic plates, superalloy, steel plates and hardplates) into MBR vest (empty) and the plates. Then assemble the vest in perfect condition and fit.

The first bug must be quite new. I think I know what causes it, so the fix should be easy.

The second one is known, but it isn’t easy to fix. Instead, whenever you disassemble a damaged vest, you have a chance of losing it totally.

The invisible underground NPCs thing appears to still be around.

Can’t replicate. Which version? Are you using an old save?

Ah yes I am using an old save. Am I just stuck with this forever until I start over?

If it’s something specific to the save, ought there not be something in the save I can tweak?

It may fix itself if you save and load, but if it doesn’t, save editing should work:

NPC is bugged because it has two different z-level positions set in different parts of the save.
To fix it, you have to localize the NPC in your save. Note the name of your NPC. In your world’s directory, you have big files with names like o.0.0.sav. Search those for the name of your NPC (it can have spaces/newlines in the middle, so search just for the name, the nickname or the surname).

Once you find the NPC, search for “posz”. Change the number after it (probably 0) to the actual z-level the NPC is on. Save the file and load it in the game.

Cool. I’m getting this effect consistently with all underground NPCs though, along with some other Z-level weirdness like hearing my car stereo while underground beneath it. Think I’ll just start over, this guy has gotten boring anyway.