Invalid material "dairy" <-twas a bad build. lucky me

I have been updating a lot of mods for my pack… recently the dairy tag was added to several items and it sent up about…70 or so errors…on world load. The gist of the error is in the title.

Now, the only mod that changed any of the affected items used copy-from and altered the freezing point (poracomp nofreeze). Shouldn’t be a problem.

This is the fix I found:
Mainline has only one entry related to dairy that grepwin could find for me:

“type”: “material”,
“ident”: “milk”,
“name”: “Dairy”,
“density”: 1,
“edible”: true,
“bash_resist”: 0,
“cut_resist”: 0,
“acid_resist”: 0,
“fire_resist”: 1,
“elec_resist”: 0,
“chip_resist”: 0,
“dmg_adj”: [ “lightly damaged”, “damaged”, “very damaged”, “thoroughly damaged” ],
“bash_dmg_verb”: “damaged”,
“cut_dmg_verb”: “damaged”,
“vitamins”: [ [ “vitB”, 0.5 ], [ “calcium”, 1.5 ], [ “iron”, 0.1 ] ],
“burn_data”: [
{ “fuel”: -100, “smoke”: 1, “burn”: 1 },
{ “fuel”: -50, “smoke”: 2, “burn”: 1 },
{ “fuel”: -10, “smoke”: 2, “burn”: 2 }

I copied the entry, transposed the ident and name fields and saved it to a .json file in a mod that loads last , the only change being:
“ident”: “dairy”,
“name”: “Milk”,

and all the errors went away.

I tested by creating a world with basic mods ( i don’t remember the default) that loaded with no errors. I then added mods to see what broke, and the answer seems to be everything. I tested craftable gun pack, ascension, and poracomp’s compilation individually, and each one caused the error. Only poracomp alters those files and it just changes freezing temp. Why does it break with craftable gun pack?
Why does my ‘fix’ work? I don’t trust it.

edit: I was right, I shouldn’t trust it. If I’d downloaded about an hour later I never would have known…oh wasted time…

  1. Dairy -> milk (commit: a21c20e) (details)

might be worth checking the commits and irc before deciding to spend your day saving the day, cheers m9

The correct path is often readily apparent in retrospect.