Invalid Colour Name

I’m attempting to apply colour to a monster but getting the following error:

I literally just copy-pasted it from, as far as I know it should work. I’ve also had problems with, I think, all of the colour combinations I’ve tried. Assistance would be appreciated.

Also, is there a way to stop from being turned into a link?

Not quite related, but is there a way to give a monster a reusable flashbang, akin to the Flashbang Generator CBM?

Colors were changed or something recently, I think light was changed to lt and dark to dk(better info in links below).
Error with some Mods is where I just got my info and/or might be relevant .

They were actually changed from lt_ to light_ etc, and I’m fairly sure that the “” file was added around that time.

invalid color name error will be thrown when color_from_string function returns c_unset.

Right, nice to know why the error’s thrown (even if I’m not code savvy enough to actually understand it), but it should be working. There are even existing working examples; the zombie hulk and dancer use “color”: “white_magenta”,.

I agree, but it seems error is thrown for some valid combinations of foreground and background color.

It seems all possible color combinations are hardcoded.

You can see them in Settings - Colors menu or in color_manager::load_default() function:

That’s unfortunate. Still, thank you for the assistance.