Integrated Toolset CBM installation (0.B-0.C)

I’ve noticed that installation of the Integrated Toolset CBM seems to fail an improbably large percentage of the time. As in I’ve never successfully managed it in either 0.B nor 0.C despite supposed failure rates of 20% or less. Which is kind of aggravating because it’s one I REALLY want.

Sometimes you just have streaks of bad luck. In my main game with a massively OP character, I failed 14 attempts to install an internal furnace at 14% - but I succeeded on 80% failure rate ones numerous times. I had most of the late-game bionics installed and still failed every single internal furnace.

Sometimes that low chance just happens numerous times in a row.

I would recommend trying a debug character and spawn in a few dozen to make sure it isn’t a bug though.