How to reload Integrated Toolset CBM?


The question is in the topic. I installed this CBM and it shows 0/1000 charges with no option to reload.
Thank you in advance for any constructive replies!


That isn’t just toolset’s energy, this is your bionic energy used for any powered CBM, including integrated toolset. You need some means (at least 1) of replenishing your bionic energy:

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Thanks for reply. Does that mean that if I install a cable charger CBM I will be able to transfer car battery power to my toolset to make it 1000/1000. or do I need to put in some power storage CBMs in me too?

Cable charger is for attaching to a vehicle (or solar back pack) so sort of but you’ll need the battery installed into something.

if your bionics screen shows 0/1000 it means you already have bionic energy storage capacity, namely 1000 kJ. You just need a way to replenish it.

Huh? Cable charger works with vehicles, I thought it does not and cannot work with regular batteries.

You missed the important bit :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t miss it, I specifically asked about this:

What is that battery and where do you need to install it? Did you mean the vehicle itself should have at least somewhat charged battery in it?

The question I was replying to was “Does that mean that if I install a cable charger CBM I will be able to transfer car battery power to my toolset”

For a car battery you’ll need it installed in a vehicle to get power from it.

And yeah, you’ll need at least one power storage as far as I’m aware.

If 0/10000 is the bionic energy then what is the purple “250kJ” in the upper right corner?

the KJ in the top right is your actual bionic power, but the integrated toolset should reflect that number on itself… honestly not sure when you’d see any numbers by the integrated toolset anyway as its a ‘fake item’ that is mostly hidden til you use it in crafting and such.

DID this get solved? Everyone responding seems to be assuming too much.
I have bionic energy, as evidenced by my using it with other CBMs that require energy. BUT when I extend my integrated toolset, and get the “wielded item” version to use, looking at it tells me it has 0/1000 energy and that I need to charge it.

if you need to ‘reload’ it, then theres something like a mod conflict with your game, it doesnt need to be reloaded ever.

you aren’t meant to ever have the integrated toolset as a ‘tool’ in your hand.

as an example of how the integrated toolset works:

i have a car here with a solar panel, i want to fix it so i hit r on the vehicle page, the game tells me i need a screwdriver and an integrated toolset with 24 charges.

i turn on my integrated toolset, and it tells me i have the screwdriver, but still need charges.

this is because my energy (seen in the top right of the ‘i turned on the integrated toolset’) is empty. so i activate my gasoline fuel cell and wait a few turns…

and then i can repair it.

the ‘charges’ the toolset asks for are equivalent to energy you have.

Does this mean that the ‘Extended Toolset’ option is never meant to be turned on?

no no no, when you turn it on is when you can use it, (and i recommend leaving it on 24/7 unless you’d rather not waste the internal energy ‘charges’ on menial labor, because a majority of its uses dont require charge at all) but when you turn it on it should never ‘give you an item’ that is a usable integrated toolset, that’s a bug.

when you’re using it for crafting it should automatically place an item in your inventory that does the job its supposed to do, it gives you this:

“id”: “toolset”,
“copy-from”: “fake_item”,
“type”: “TOOL”,
“name”: { “str”: “integrated toolset” },
“flags”: [ “TRADER_AVOID” ],
“max_charges”: 10000,
“use_action”: [ “HAMMER”, “CROWBAR” ],
“qualities”: [
[ “HAMMER”, 3 ],
[ “HAMMER_FINE”, 1 ],
[ “SAW_W”, 1 ],
[ “SAW_M”, 2 ],
[ “SAW_M_FINE”, 1 ],
[ “WRENCH”, 2 ],
[ “WRENCH_FINE”, 1 ],
[ “SCREW”, 1 ],
[ “SCREW_FINE”, 1 ],
[ “CUT”, 1 ],
[ “PRY”, 1 ],
[ “DRILL”, 3 ],
[ “BUTCHER”, -38 ]

and then takes it away immediately as you leave the crafting menu. this is the version it gives for anything that doesn’t use power, so you can ‘always’ use it. you should never see it because its a ‘fake item’ (i assume there are other fake item variants for soldering iron and arc welder, for those two uses. same thing applies, it should disappear when you leave the crafting menu/are done crafting)

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