Info screens for some computer terminals

Sometimes, the purpose of some computer terminals found in the world is not really clear.

Some examples:
Mr. Stem Cell (found in hospitals) can give you a “stem cell treatment”. However, it is not really clear what this means. (Don’t worry, I already know its purpose).

Also, some computers in the science labs (especially those at the bottom level) have a couple of options which are not really clear.

I think the solution for all these terminals is simpy to add another selectable option in the “main menu”. Selecting it simply opens a new screen with some text to explain what this is all about.

Please post in this thread if you think other terminals should get an info screen, too.

Those are some very good ideas!

I’m not sure if we have any other computer terminals in game (apart from the shelter one, which doesn’t need a info screen)

Missile Silos, Mines, Police Stations, Pharmacies, Jewel Stores and Banks have Computer Terminals - Usually to unlock something or start something up. They do not really need an explanation for their uses though, considering that its just ‘unlock Door’ or something like this.

On another note, while this Idea would make the game more player-friendly, it doesn’t necessary fit into the overall story, don’t you think? Usually, a Doctor would use a Mr. StemCell, and a Doctor would already know what it does ; no need for explanations.
Same goes with Terminals in the Lab. The Scientists working on said Computers >know< what the options mean, you, as a random survivor-dude should >not< know what the options mean. Also, there actually ARE hints as to what those terminals do. There are notes on the terminals (and around the lab I think) which hints at the use of the options. For example, doesn’t the Portal-Terminal WARN you in a log about some of the options?