Infinite spawn bug

No matter how long i hold spacebar down it keeps the number keeps growing. Is there anything I can do to keep my save, and or just close this without losing everything?

That’s a very vague post, int. Try giving more detail about the problem you’re having.
Personally, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

I’ve had this happen too. n9103, What happens is when you spawn a debug error occurs and asks you to press spacebar, when you do it just brings you to the same error but with 2 at the end of it then 3 and so on until 112 I think. Up until that point the screen is Black but at 112 you can see again. Then you can look in you inventory and do anything, but as soon as you try to move it happens again.

Am I right Int, or is this another bug? And to answer your question, I’m afraid i just deleted the save, didn’t try new character though.

I think because I’m a new user I don’t have image posting rights so it keeps just not letting them show up. What happened was no matter what I did I couldnt do anything but increase the counter, I gave up at around 2k +.

I think it has to do with fungoloid spawns but no idea really. This is just a bug with how the denug menu locks up. With this post I’m pretty sure it’d be simple to say if that debug message persists more than x amount of times it’ll disable spawning for some amount of time. This might not even be the problem but I’m not familiar enough with the code to try it out with my limited programming experience.

Yes, thats the bug as I remember it, only difference is that it was as soon as I started the game and screen went black and the counter restarted at 112 for me.

I’m not sure how to fix it but hopefully someone else does, sucks if you have to lose your 5-day character >_<

Its a persistent bug that happened every few builds or so back in the olden days just revert to an older version of DDA until the next update

The worst part is I had mutated high night vision and canine ears while being hideous enough to make npcs vomit on sight apparently. Which is a + in my book. I learned a lot though so my next guy should hopefully be even better :smiley:

Nice bug you got there.

[I mean the car]