Bionic limits per part

When it will get implemented?

unknown, due to the fact they are hard to balance. too many slots results in nothing changed, too few means they aren’t really worth it.

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They’re currently implemented as a fake mutation. So far as I know, CBMs are awaiting a bugfix and balance pass before the parts limit is implemented as a default thing. If you want to play with bionic limits in their current state, mutate yourself through the cheat menu with the Debug CBM Slots Limits mutation.

wait, there’s a cheat menu? How?

It’s not enabled by default. You need to go into Keybindings and give the Debug Menu a key. Then you need to go to 9, or Mutate, and mutate the “Debug CBM Slot Limits” mutation.

There used to actually BE a limit on bionics. i think it’s still in 0.C stable.

Last I read, nobody has volunteered to give solid numbers and reasoning for how many slots each bionic should be worth. FYI, if anyone’s interested.

That’s not a bad idea. I’ll work on a framework.