Indoor Plumbing

Basic amenities like clean running water are something people often take for granted, and after the cataclysm access to them would be a luxury. I was thinking at some point after @mlangsdorf 's heroic overhaul of the faction camp system, plumbing would be an interesting feature to implement. You would be able to take advantage of the plumbing systems in pre-existing buildings and even player made structures. You could build a central water tank and connect it to a pump (or use gravity) to supply the various amenities in these structures. Showers could give a morale boost (even more if you have a hot water heater), serve as a way to decontaminate your character, and provide a health boost. Having clean running water, showers, toilets, washing machines, etc would also provide a passive moral boost to all your NPC followers once that system gets overhauled. It might also provide a prestige boost for your faction. The fact that your group has their shit together enough to have running water would speak volumes.


All the furniture should have their owe value,but not just decoration,so the emotion and health system should rebalance.Such as do some exercise can keep fit.

FYI Every time I pray it involves thanking God for indoor plumbing :grin:


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I think that this would be a wonderful idea! But it also needs to be reasonable to do but make sense lore-wise and all that.

If the damn romans could do indoor plumbing, we can too.

I was going to mention something vaguely along those lines but I couldn’t remember whether it was the Greeks or the Romans.
Presumably, super simple piping could just use wooden pipes and gravity to work.
When not using pumps the game would need some sort of way to ensure that liquid doesn’t travel too far.

Accessing existing pipes and using them properly would probably involve quite a bit more difficulty. At least when it comes to the city-wise sewer system part.
Perhaps you could get a quest in camp to reactivate the sewage system.

We can also flush toilets excessively just for the LOLs.

Reactivating the water grid sounds like an idea kevin would kill pretty quickly. I’m thinking of something much more limited that a group of people could construct. You would have a central water tank, a pump, a simple filtration system to reclaim water that can be re-purified, and a septic tank or cess pit.

As for the actual mechanics, I’d say the piping would not be manually placed, but rather accounted for by “connecting” a shower or something to the network, an action which requires pipes equal to the linear distance from the tankage and filtration/septic system.

If I have to build every wall in my house why not go all the way and make every pipe? (Sarcasm)

Well, I suspect having to place pipes as an environment structure would break every savegame because all existing structures wouldnt have any plumbing. Also, every single structure would have to be updated to have pipes. That sounds like a lot of work for no reason when it could be done the way I suggested.

I did add the word sarcasm in parathesis for a reason you know…

A major issue would be the reality bubble akin to trying to make a non-vehicular power grid if the flowing water would work the same

Yep. But that issue is being worked on now to make appliances and home wiring possible. Plumbing could just piggyback on whatever method is used to make that work. Again, this isn’t something that could be done tomorrow, its down the road a ways.

This is true. If they do manage to crack the problem I might actually stop being a nomad though Shard certainly hasn’t helped in that regard.

He has for me. His mod to let you deactivate hacked robots gave me the ability to hack and store a robot army. I’ve got around a hundred wraitheon bots and some others sitting in a closet. I filled up my cargo dimension so I had to put them somewhere. It was the perfectly pristine bathroom facilities in my bunker that gave me the idea for plumbing. It seemed like a waste to demolish them.

@nameless_survivor might be someone with skeletons in their closet.
That’s just a couple robots. Never mind.

I’d think a tarp propped up with sticks/poles on the roof would make a good rain catch. If I remember right, there’s already some sort of structure that can be built for exactly that purpose. Also, most if not all buildings have a built-in gravity fed water supply already waiting (with a few relatively minor mods) in the fact they have gutters. It’s really no different than a funnel but on a much larger scale.

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That could work. I was thinking of just regularly refilling the system and minimizing losses with the filtration system. I’m sitting on 2000L of clean water in drums, and could easily make more.

It’s possible to make simple pipelines to a dumping place that could potentially bring disease if not cleaned. If just job allocation actually exist.