Including the RetroASCII font overmap as an option

Okay, I’ve got the font used in RetroDays and RetroASCII set up to be used by the overmap so that it has square (rather than rectangular) tiles, as detailed here:

[quote=“Antistar, post:1, topic:5201”]RetroASCII Overmap Font: If you want your in-game overmap to look like this, grab the RetroASCII Overmap Font package from the Nexus link below. Instructions are in the included readme file.

Download: Nexus[/quote]

It’s a separate-download mod, more or less - but it doesn’t use the game’s built-in mod system. (I tried to have it do so just now, but couldn’t get it to work.)

I’ve been getting some requests in the RetroDays thread to include it in the game proper. I’d like to see it included too, but like I said in the thread, I don’t know about straight-up replacing the default overmap font; I don’t know if people want that.

It would be nice to have it included as an option (maybe in the game’s options, in a similar fashion to the graphical tileset selection?), but I did try and it’s a bit beyond me with the way the font selection is set up currently.

So I’d like to suggest/request it be included somehow. :slight_smile:

squarified ascii would help people bridge a gap they otherwise seem unvomfortable leaping over themselves. and it looks tastefull

100% yes to this. The font impact on map has been ignored too long and this kind of default needs to be implemented for the player. Font options need as much consideration as as tiles for their visual impact on players. Map or otherwise.

This looks sweet!

pretty nice!