Inaccurate Calories for Created Food


Is anyone else noticing that the calories in a lot of created food does not always match the recipe’s description? For example I was excited to find a book for making glazed tenderloins.
Glazed tenderloin recipe:
Calories: 568
Portions: 3

Glazed tenderloins created food:
Calories: 233
Portions: 3

Same goes for chocolate pancake
2193 vs 902
same portions.

I noticed this is the same issue for quite a few recipes.

Is this a known issue? If so how do I fix this locally?


Win 7 64 bit
Build 8601

Ingredient do matter, that could be the problem, but they should even out a bit more than that…

Hi, I played around with choosing different ingredients and yes you’re right. I chose tallow as one of the ingredients for the glazed tenderloins and the calories dramatically increased closer to the recipe’s description. IMO the crafted food should match the recipe’s description exactly. There are too many ingredients combinations to determine the ‘max’ value. The game should not be giving inaccurate information when crafting is involved.

How about displaying the current total calories as you’re selecting ingredients?


Totally agree there, it really ought to tell you the calories of what you are actually crafting.

What needs to be done is a better cooking interface where you can select different ingredients and see the effect it has on the outcome.
Even cooler would be if you could increase or decrease amounts of some ingredients, so you could dump extra stuff on your hamburger if you wanted to bump it up, or leave out the pickles if you had none, for a reduction in enjoyment and calories. But I suspect that would be an absolute pain in the butt to code, and would require adding adjustment info to recipes.

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A modular crafting system for food like that is quite cool, and could also be brought to other item classes.
What we really need, IMO, is to bring back fullness values for food and keep track of calories separately. Being able to eat 2 kg of veggies while getting full with 2 pieces of meat is kinda silly, and theres no reason for the player to instantly know food calories just from looking at it (could come with higher levels of cooking/first aid).
It would serve as basis for introducing weight mechanics (if they’re ever intended) as well.