Craft item properties preview (calories)

Is there a way to preview resulting item properties (calories mainly) after picking ingredients?

Some items like vegetable soup have a lot of ingredient combinations possible, with a very wide range of resulting calories.

they have varying calorie counts because of the ingredients used (obviously) but because you choose the ingredients after you’ve decided to make it theres not a way currently that i know of… other than adding together the calories of the ingredients and guestimating.

Guesstimating? The game already knows what the resulting item will be, it can just tell me beforehand.

i mean… vegetable soup, you used as an example, you can make it with say… 1 broth and 2 celery

1 broth is 13 kcal, 2 celery are 11 kcal each, the resulting vegetable soup is 43 kcal.

11+11+13 = 35, not 43, similarly:

1 broth, 1 cockatrice egg (60 kcal), and a pumpkin (91 kcal) make for 215 kcal soup.

it depends on what you put in it.