How to change firing modes?

well first of all sorry for the troubles, but i cant seem to change firing modes using shift+f unlike before, the build iam using is 0.D-8710 for android. any help is appreciated

  1. Make sure you are using a gun with multiple firing modes.

  2. Check the keybindings and make sure you have something bound to “Toggle attack mode of Wielded Item”.

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The default button for “Toggle Attack Mode of Wielded Item” is ‘F’

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You can also use function for when you have a underbarrel attachment too. Like a shotgun or grenade launcher.

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i see and thanks for the suggestions, but i still cannot change the firing mode even by changing the keybinding when i use the default firing keybinding it just fires regularly.

It doesn’t seem to be able to change firing mode when aiming

Pressing “F” should have your gun switched to auto, before you press “f” to take a aim

Sounds to me like you do not have alternate modes of fire for that weapon. Revolvers and most pistols standard do not have auto fire. Some rifles too.

I don’t remember if pistols have any autofire mods. I know that irl you can make some 9mm pistols auto fire. But I don’t know if this is either a rare mod in game or if it were removed altogether.

Can anyone verify this for me please?? Autofire mods are a real thing irl.

Thanks but, im gonna use the “burst fire” keybind in options till i somehow manage to get this working the burst fire sets the weapon to auto, i tried using a mp5 and a m4 but no hope