Improved Iron Sights - How Do They Work?

Or more to the point, what do they do?

The description implies that they improve accuracy, but they don’t seem to have any actual effect.

I don’t believe they do anything. A project-wide search for the id “improve_sights” turns up nothing, i.e. no hard-coded effects. And as you noticed, they don’t actually improve accuracy, even though they claim to.

whoops, that is a bug, it has the to_hit stat set to a negative value, where it should actually be the dispersion stat.

I figured it might be something of the sort.

Seems to me like fancy reflex sights and such are the sort of thing that should make it quicker to draw down and fire your weapon, rather than making it more accurate.

Yea that too, I have a work in progress branch that makes “aiming speed” a thing, I was planning on adjusting their effect once that’s working. Meanwhile more accuracy is worthwhile.

Yeah, that’s my bad on the Improved Iron Sights D: lol

I can see how optics could help you acquire the target faster, but they definitely do improve accuracy.

They improve accuracy the same way being more perceptive does- guns don’t work like how they do in Counter Strike. Your gun will shoot how the barrel is angled, and the only reason iron sights are useful is to SEE where the bullet is going.