Implementing batch cleaning with washboard - help me!


I’ve decided to finally getting around to implementing

Can anyone give me advice on how the UI works? Is there a framework or something that we use?

If someone more well-versed in the UI (especially inventory filtering and such) could give me a general plan for implementing this I’d really appreciate it.


Popup menus with filtering can be created using uimenu class. You can look into Lua example here:

or C++ examples all over the code:


Would you recommend implementing this with lua or C++?


I dunno. It is up to you. That was just code example.


the devs have considered ultimately phasing lua out, so I’d recommend C++


Does anybody know if there is currently a way to do inv_for_flag as a multi-selector instead of a single selector? Or any examples in the game where the user can select multiple items from a filtered list?


The only time I can think of where you can select multiple things from a list is the item compare UI, but I don’t think that’s filtered.