Allow us to organize the bionics -and -mutations tab


Allow us to organize the tabs the same way you can in the layering (+) tab. It’s just a small pet-peve of mine that I can’t always have my most used bionic (metabolic interchange) in top of the list of the 20 other bionics I have.

Edit1:Spaced full stops so it doesnt link to porn anymore.
Edit2:This sentence,and the sentence above added for clarification

Are these links to spam/scam/porn sites in your posts injected on my end or can anyone else see them?

shhit,it’s because i didntt space my full stops,sorry

Making Active and Passive Bionics use different lettering would instantly solve so many problems.

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At this stage I’d consider any amount of customization above what’s already implemented (changing the letters) an improvement.

Anywho,why do passive bionics even need letters??