Image uploading disabled

Any special reason as to why image uploading is disabled?

I am asking because I wanted to improve the pages of several buildings next, this included uploading several building layouts to serve as visual reference.

Sounds like a great idea.

I came across the same thing when I added the quick and dirty farming page. You can put images in the wiki by just having the image url without tags or anything special.

Farming guide with pictures!

== Get dirt mounds ==

Find some at a [[farm]].

Or create your own with a [[hoe]] by {{k|a}}pplying it.

== Plant seeds in dirt ==[/code]

Ohh thanks for the answer Mattamue, i will do that for now…

Still it would be better to ask if it uploading can be reenabled to minimize the risk of images being deleted in the future.

Use imgur, your images on imgur are less likely to go down than the cataclysm wiki itself.

Not happy myself with using external hosting for images. (Ideally it would use both internal and external hosting (with the external one being backup, if that is to much server space to not do automatically). Have added this to this list of issues about the wiki:

Necromancy: Seems several files are nowadays hosted on the server. I wouldn’t mind having some way of getting upload privileges. Both for me, and well, a way for other people to get it. No idea who to ask for this.

Are you aware of the Wikimedia commons? It allows you to tie images into the Cataclysm wiki as if they were loaded directly there.

I think, if your main concern is around the longevity of the image host, the commons is going to be around for a while.




given the graphical nature of cdda i dont think most pages need a picture, but some are dying for one

I was not. Thanks.

I believe most of the existing images on the wiki are hosted on Wikimedia commons. I believe this solution is fine.