Insane luck or bug?

I was surprised when I saw the zoldier’s cash card. Build 4494.

I think that is luck, odd that a soldier would be carrying that much though… Maybe there is some backstory here. Chinese spy escaping with military secrets when the world ended or something. Though, I would wonder how he had already gotten pad if that was the case…perhaps he had JUST sold the secrets and been wired the cash…and was now trying to escape the country, only to get caught in the mess. Maybe intentionally… O.o CONSPIRACY!!!

That is an awfully “symmetrical” (Can’ think of the right word…) to luck…if it was like 293949476 or whatever then maybe…

Huh, that’s weird… I just had the same thing happen (also on 4994). A soldier dropped a $2 Million cash card after getting mauled by a jabberwock. I tried reproducing it to see if it was indeed a glitch, but other soldiers killed just dropped regular (non-millionaire) cash cards.

If I am not mistaken that is that MAX one of those cards can hold. Could be some sort of special roll possibility or something.

Yeah, looking at the JSON and tinkering with debug, I’m inclined to say this is an obscure glitch of some kind. The maximum amount any card should spawn with is $1000 (100000 cents).

really? I thought max was 2000000000 ish for some reason.

After taking 5 seconds to look at the description on the cash cards. I know that the max is 200,000,000 cents. Or up to $2 million dollars, and some flavor text about government moving to all electronic money system.

It is still happening, so it is a bug or a feature? :slight_smile:

Why not both?

Ok, so it is a bugture! :smiley:

Also got 2 million, on a zombie cop. Odd.

Sounds to me like some unsigned number overflow shenanigans might be going on somewhere; if the card is tried to be given more than it’s maximum amount of money at once (possibly from it trying to put a negative amount on or something similar) than it should automatically cap it to the maximum amount, resulting in these weird numbers. I’m going to go with “bug”, as my verdict here.