Underground noises in unexpected places

So I’m driving down the road, just outside of small town, and I get a message like “You hear ‘hostile detected’ to the north and below.” I’m thinking there’s an unmarked science lab with turrets or something. I heard it a few times and kind of triangulated to a point and dug a downstair there. Nothing.

I went to the nearest house thinking I might find an entrance to this area in the basement. Couldn’t go downstairs because it says there was a brown chick blocking the way, lol. I mean, I get why the code would stop me, but I found it funny.

So what’s the deal? Should I be trying harder to see what’s under there?

BTW, there’s no sewer entrance in this tiny 4 house town. No subway either.

How deep did you end up digging? Could be pretty deep perhaps

As far as I understand there is something down there. However, it might be several levels down.

I only went 1 deep because rope is aa PITA to craft. I’ll just mark it for later if I come across a bunch of rope. I already have a science lab to explore.

Was probably one tile deeper then. Definitely worth checking out at some point.

Did you dig around a bit? It’s possible that you’ve just missed it by a few tiles…

One way to make check: Either (try again to) get into the basement of that house or into the hole you’ve dug and wait for a while… unless the turret got destroyed, you might hear another “hostile detected” and get an indication if it’s still deeper down or on the same level.

I had similar case about half year ago. Character was walking in the forest on the outskirts of a town (near my base-house), and heard gunshots from below. And as I discovered later, it was a lab. For my luck the town was small and had a subway station, and subway tunnel led me straight to the lab.

On new lab type,

By the way, those labs of new type, with rectangular shape, are typically on -2 or -4 level, so gigging 1 level below will be not enough to reach them

Is there any forest nearby? I have a few times found air ventilation installations in forested areas that allowed me to cilmb down to an underground railway leading to one or more labs.

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I’ll check next time I’m that way. Right now I’m busy trying to find the bottom of an ice science lab.

But yeah, there is a forest. I just dug my hole next to the road.