Im getting an error in he newest experimental

I have been using the experimentals. Everything has been fine with them. Until today. I upgraded to #9722 and now when I try to load my game I get this error:

DEBUG : invalid recipe id “tool_black_powder_bomb”

FUNCTION : const T& string_id::obj() const [with T = recipe]
FILE : src/recipe_dictionary.cpp
LINE : 59

Anyone have any idea whats going on, or what the issue is. Will it mess up my game and can I fix it somehow?

Well, apparently,

It looks like they changed the recipes id from “tool_black_powder_bomb” to “can_bomb”

I don’t see anywhere that would be looking for this old recipe, but apparently there is because I’m getting the same error and I don’t really play with mods, so I think it’s a vanilla cataclysm problem.

That said, it shouldn’t be breaking your game, it should just post some error messages which you can skip.

They didn’t properly obsolete the old recipe, so your save says the character knows a recipe for that id, but said recipe doesn’t actually exist - it’s got a different id now.