I'm confused with one of the settings... {*SOLVED THANKS!*}

it is the construction scaling factor, i can’t tell if the higher the number or the lower the number of it that controls how fast construction of something goes…

is it the lower it is the faster?if so, whats the point? digging a hole takes LITERALLY around thirty minutes…

and i’d like to make pits like a moat -_-…but i don’t want to take around half an hour for EACH ONE!!!

so i’d like to find out how to make the construction go faster…is it the lower the faster? or the higher the faster???

is there another way to make it go faster? maybe edit a file with clear instructions??? or a mod? or something at least?

thank you for taking your time to read this and helping if you can…

Pretty sure lower is better, except for 0.

You can edit data/json/construction.json. But it won’t stay edited after updates. For that you can make a mod. Check out how existing mods look like. More survival tools has edited constructions.

You can also speed it up in game, without editing things, by having 1 or 2 NPC friends near you when digging.

Multiplies the speed of construction by the given percentage. '0' automatically scales construction to match the world's season length.

If this means what I think it means then it starts at 100 (100%) and then you edit the percent speed from there, for example, 200 makes it go 2X as fast 500 makes it 5X as fast and 50 makes it go .5X as fast.

Higher values make construction faster, as you would see if you check the construction time in the menu if you change the value

Thanks everyone, your all awesome, thanks for helping :D! ! !