Experimental worldgen questions

trying for the first time a experimental version (b823034)…and i find myself confused about two world gen options.

1 - difficulty scale.
i understood the evolution/progressive stronger spawns, but i´d like to know: choosing 00:00 (turning upgrade off) while playing dynamic zombie spawn makes stronger monsters stop existing at all, period. or do they still spawn, just randomly, sans time progression ? (i don´t want evolving zombies and normal weak zombies to stop showing up, but i am afraid turning this off would make stronger undeads never showing up in the world at all).

2 - construction scaling.
i find myself…having no idea what it does…at all. can someone explain me this one ? also, what is the vanilla, cooper stable like set for this ?
sorry to bother, hope someone around here can enlighten me about this.

Difficulty controls how fast zombies evolve into stronger forms, it works by multiplying the factor by the decay times of each monster/monster group. 0 means that zombies never evolve, 100 makes it a hundred times faster. All or well almost all of the stronger undead have a rather small chance of showing up in day one, so it won’t really disable stronger zombies completely.

Construction probably scales he time needed to build stuff, but I have no idea.

ah…i see.
so setting it at 0 will not disable the chance of any zombie variant to spawn on it´s own.
good, good, now i can set to zero without any concern of losing content. i was just not to keen on the - at some point in time, there will be not a single, trivial one-stab-it-dies zombie for me to laugh at occasionally- idea that evolving zombies brings.
thanks for the answer.

albeit infected from a bite last night…this does look like a fine morning to start looking for a proper home…but why there is smoke coming from under the front door ?
confirmed. setting difficulty-evolution off does not stop strong zombies from existing. first minute in game, killed by a zombie demolition team consisting of a brute, two thoughs, a runner, a acidic, and a smoker, just by opening my front door. guess i should had jumped out the back window instead…

Ohh wait…

IRC the workings of the setting got inverted a few days ago, so perhaps you should also check to create a world with 100 difficulty. Just in case you have an older version.