I'm a mechanic, not a doctor!

That’s how that quote goes, right?

What I’m thinking here is that it could be fun to disassemble and/or convert CBMs into regular tools. Mid-level stuff.

Integrated toolset? Lower tech tool-gloves you hook into your UPS. Leather or metal. You decide. Batteries work too, I suppose.
Ethanol burner? Are you crazy? I’m not putting that in my body! I could however use the parts for a battery charger. Hmm…
Joint torsion ratchet? Who comes up with this stuff? Doctors are crazy. Still, good parts. Yet another way to charge batteries. Just need to apply some manual labor for a while.

Suggestions and ideas. You have some of those, right? Could turn into something beautiful. Or ludicrous. Possibly both.


That’s not a bad idea! Though the joint torsion ratchet is pretty specialised, I can’t see that being worth the hassle, especially now that it generates a (somewhat) realistically small trickle charge. Anyone with decent mechanical skill could build a big spinning-coil charger that would be more useful.

I actually don’t dislike this idea. Especially if they eventually remove CBMs and change it to be bionic parts. I can definitely believe salvaging parts to jury rig equipment more than just ripping it out of zombies and stuffing it in yourself to make it work.

An ethanol burner especially would be a nice way to get electricity for a static base without doing all the work to convert it to biodiesel.

the Fusion Blaster Arm CBM can already be turned into a rifle, so there’s probably room for other recipe using CBMs as component.