Craftable bionics

It would be really cool if you could make bionics but of course it would take a high/semi high level of electronics to make one it it would take a lot to make one but still be able to craft them.

I’m pretty sure this is already in the game. Perhaps not every bionic, but I know I’ve seen some CBMs in my electronics recipe list before…

oh really? i havent seen them so sorry if that is included. and also i never really got high enough skills to find something out like that.

Yeah, I think they are power storage and solar panels. Those are the ones I remember.

power storage
Power storage MK2
solar panel
Battery system
Power armor interface
power armor interface mk2
cranial flashlight
alloy plating head
alloy plating arms
alloy platingtorso
alloy plating legs

In particular, CBM: Alloy Plating $ALREADY_GOT can be converted into CBM: Alloy Plating $NEED_THIS_ONE.

I don’t know what you are talking about … ? They are from burned bionic, but … ?

With enough Electronics to craft a CBM, you also have enough to disassemble it for all its parts. Since all the Plating augs have the same requirements, you can take one apart and reconfigure the parts into a different one!

Ok, didn’t know about that.