Ill advised MRE change

I don’t know all the terms for what the different parts of the MRE are, but I think the ones you find in game are individual meal packets complete with refreshing beverage[s], snack --and maybe someday updated to include re-hydration salts.

A meal package that contained 3000C - 4200C sounds like what I’ve heard called the “24 hour ration” where you have all your day’s food in one package. You might also see “x man” or platoon style cases that contain upwards of 20,000C for your whole unit each day.

Does that make sense to you?

The GoArmy information indicating ~1200C seems to be a good starting point if you wanted to make a pull request about it but then you’d have to break down each meal type and figure out where the extra calories should fit in.

It’s ultimately not worth the efforts. Even if the new MRE calorie intake is not realistic, CDDA allows finding enough food sources.

What I was saying is that if the MRE in-game represents a one-meal ration, then it should be calculated with a base of 3600 to 4200 calories /3 because that’s what a soldier needs and how MRE intake is calculated (and not the intake of an adult civilian) …

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According to the PR in question, that’s exactly what it did.

My take away from this is that we need 24 hour rations and platoon rations added as an increasingly rare drop and the standard MRE will be left as is.


:upside_down_face: Good idea

From my research the larger platoon cases of rations would be stashed on lifeboats or larger aircraft with usually enough for the crew to last 3ish days while rescue searched the area.

Some of the really old cases were basically ship’s biscuit, cheese spread and cigarettes. Everything the body needs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All these military bases and checkpoints, hard to believe they didn’t have some rations around. Most mighta been pilfered from the easily accessed locations, but the secured bases are probably well stocked. Finding an improvised forward post with a field kitchen and its associated rations would be nice. There’s some neat rations beyond the well known MRE’s, having A-Rations or B-Rations reflected would be nice.

As we reign in food in the easily accessible wilds, these protected or rare military locations would be logical places to find food, that also work in a gameplay perspective to push folks to explore some more risky areas to eat.

These MRE changes as it stands seem fine though, I’ve got some civilian MRE’s here and a one-meal ration is around 1200 calories, but thats not to say that the near-future CDDA hasn’t changed its rations composition. Lower calorie rations aren’t the worst idea the CDDA universe US Military has had :stuck_out_tongue:

MREs tasting bad was just an old pre-2015 meme from before Steve and other MRE channels started getting big lol.

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Wait a minute are’nt mres realistically supposed to be concentrated energy XD. Out in the field I think 2 of them were supposed to be enough for 1 entire day and some of the smaller eaters only consumed 1.5 MREs a day and still felt fine, throwing away the parts they did’nt like. In cdda feels like you can fully consume 2 MREs a meal and still lose weight lol.

US MREs have 1200-1400 calories and are meant to be one meal, with three issued per day. There are multiple websites that provide exact contents of US MREs with breakdowns of vitamins and calories per item per MRE.

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Not really. A MRE is just canned food but in a pouch, some candy, powdered drinks and toilet paper.
I heard you need to eat everything including all the drinks and candy, to get the full calories listed.

I sense another realism nerf incoming…

For now only the tiolet paper is missing.

Let’s do some maths: Every single MRE contains one entree (all 320 calories), one cracker (280 calories), one chocolate bar (140 calories), one chocolate candy (287 calories), one cookie (160 calories) and one dehydrated fruit (100 calories). That makes for a total of 1387 calories so the numbers seem to work out.

If you ask me we should leave things be as is since the numbers seem to work out just fine calorie wise.