If I post my extra weapons here will they get added to the modder?

I have made some great late game deep ice lab discovery type weapons, and a bunch of great WW2 and WW1 guns. The late game guns consist of lightning weapons to HE missile pods and even some outstanding new energy and plasma weapons. The World War guns feature weapons from many different sides. Even some that didn’t make it into popular production, like colectors weapons and many variants. Would any one be interested in seeing these in the game?
Could do an explosives line up too if anyone cared.

Do I have to post on Git?

Yeah, post on GitHub. Or get some poor soul volunteer to pull it for you. Not that I ever did that :wink:

Where do I find these poor souls volunteers? I just want my name on it somewhere. They need some description fixes then they’re all gravy.

Natures or Zaweri will do it.

Lolnope. You can find the poor souls volunteers on the IRC. #CataclysmDDA on irc.freenode.org