Ideas for Liquids

Liquids could have more functionality in the game, like for instance:

-Hitting monsters made of flesh makes them bleed all over the place sometimes. It would be cool if characters could get covered in blood too and get temporary penalties, unless the character is psychopath, that is.

-This could also work with vomiting having a chance to get on yourself or with similar enemy attacks like acid spit or bile having a chance to get on your clothes.

-Throwing glass bottles containing liquids could work in a similar fashion. Like throwing a bottle containing gasoline would make an enemy flammable or weak to fire and players could just light them with matches and the like.

-Some other liquids like blood could also attract some monsters and we could use that to set up traps. Or other liquids could mask smells or make some monsters leave the area. Other liquids could affect a tile and make movement harder or trap them in a tile for some turns.

As Ninja says, +1.

Sounds like Nethack’s “throw potion at monster” deal - not that there are anything wrong with that :slight_smile:

I like the idea of throwing (glass) bottle of gasoline onto monster so they can be lit on fire, though molotov can accomplish the same thing. A “boomer bile jar”, like the one in L4D can also reduce monster’s vision down to one title.

I was actually thinking about the IVAN roguelike when I suggested that. IVAN has a pretty neat way to deal with liquids and materials in general.

Every liquid has its own stats and abilities like in this game but they work in an intersting fashion and you can make hilarious edits with small changes.

For instance, you can make goblins bleed vomit, and if that vomit has a chance to make you vomit, you might vomit all over yourself or the goblin when spilled, which might have a high chance to make you both vomit uncontrollably on each other to death.

Another interesting thing you can do with that system is to make a monster bleed healing potion instead and heal it and you if you get splatted.

There are various way for liquids to work in IVAN.
-They can be bleed.
-They can be contained in a bottle.
-They can be vomited either when a character is sick, poisoned or voluntarily.
-Characters can sweat them when in combat or when doing other tiring activities.
-Some characters, like dogs, can drool them.

I think that’s all of the instances they can be found. Gasses and Solid Materials work similarly. Really interesting, IMO.