Ideas discussion, Extra dimensions and Faction territories

I’d like to talk about two pretty interesting topics, Territories and Extra dimensions.

To start I’d like to talk about the border friction issue with the game world factions. I personally have some conflicts over how structures are generated. In many cases, landmarks like a giant anthill and a lab will intersect underground and giant ants will have a passage to wreak havoc and roam around the hallways of the structure, and in many cases, something like a slime pit will be placed close to a fungal spire in a way that they with be interlocked in constant combat. In the mentioned ant/prebuilt structure situation I am pleased because it makes sense to me, the ant faction relies on the strength of its soldiers to keep its queen safe, not strategic positioning. the ant only has an understanding of what it can gather from its immediate surroundings and what it can observe, not the outside world.

In the crucial faction structure/crucial faction structure, it makes less sense to me. The Blob and the Mycus are clearly intelligent enough to place strategic landmarks away from the portals they came from as evidence by the small patches of Mycus immediately around shimmering portals compared to the large Mycus spires, flowers, towers, and the like. It’s clearly random as opposed to intelligent, placement, putting the unfathomable extra-dimensional beings on the same level as ants.

This brings me to my next point, I think it would be more immersive if the high importance structures of the intelligent factions were put in their own generated territories. I think this would be a good idea because it would clump important buildings in more sensible positions by making them near them centers of territories and it would allow a more diverse selection of lower-level structures to put more content in the game/keep the empty areas from feeling so desolate (it may also make it easier to code in a sort of biome script because I’m sure people want that (I would love some flesh forests, Game gods)).

To conclude, Dimensions, the shimmering portals to my understanding have no purpose and I’d like to change that. I think it would be interesting to explore the different dimensions, I know this idea interests a lot of people but as far as I’ve seen, people have always given the approach of making new content to generate a whole new cataclysm, my approach is different. I think it would be easier to implement if the dimension you entered would be a very similar realm as your own, possibly no different. a way to diversify these realms might be to give them traits like a dark realm (realm with no light, no plant, no structures, no life) I’m getting tired of writing so I will end here but I will be glad to elaborate if prompted but my Dimension idea can be summed up by saying that the solution to the dimension problem might be to take away content in the dimension rather than add it.

extra ideas:

  • Portal stabilization tech: one might turn on the portal stabilization device and select a 6 digit or so number (the seed of the Dimension) and travel to that dimension which will have the same traits as the same numbered dimension on another players game, this would also make portal travel an interesting end game goal and it would allow players to find extra dimension exclusive content like the nether dimension by chance.

  • Portal probing tech: Dimensions are somewhat random so its obvious that some might be filled with toxic gas or acid rain, it would useful to have a probe to check limited information about the dimension, this might be a makeshift probe like a hydrometer and a lit lighter stuck to a stick to see if it has oxygen or even a lab tool specifically for this purpose so you know what you’re getting into.

Again I have many ideas on this, I can easily elaborate so if any questions are present, please ask!

Excuse my bad grammar and punctuation, please.

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Ideas are easy, implementation is hard.

The dev team would love it if players could explore the other side of shimmering portals and if contributors could easily add new content for exploring the other side of shimmering portals. Unfortunately, there’s a whole lot of complicated C++ coding infrastructure that needs to happen before that’s possible. You’re encouraged to contribute, of course, but otherwise it’s only going to happen when a bunch of busy people manage to free up time in their schedules/finish coding other, higher priority tasks.

There’s a similar story with factions and faction territory: your ideas are good, but those good ideas need to be turned into tested code.


I understand, I am grateful for all the work the contributors do and I’m happy you responded. I’ve just noticed a void of player conversation about these topics recently and I want to encourage more talk about it. : )