Electrolyte feature - loosing salt in high temperature

When the summer comes, and you’re working hard, salt gets easily excreted from the sweat glands. What about adding sodium into the game? I quote briefly:

HEAT CRAMPS - These are usually the first warning of heat exhaustion and occur in the muscles which are doing the most work.

Symptoms: Shallow breathing, vomiting, dizziness.

The book later talks about that you need to have about a pinch of salt in a half litre. Though, sodium(salt) is also found in meat, etc.


SAS Survival Handbook Third Edition P. 449

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This should be totally doable, the reason it’s not a no-brainer is you then need to go through tons of foods and annotate how much salt they have.


2400mg of salt is at the high end of daily consumption.

This could also have (if added), traits that salt affect the body. high blood pressure, tintinitus(hearing distraction of a high pitch whistle).

A number of other medical concerns that could have in game impact on the player toon. Which while they would suck. It would be pretty cool. Making more players take up foraging and survivalist skill sets…there by increasing those wild plants and the skill to find :wink:

Too much clicking. Please stop turning the character into a burning bomber that’s coming home on a wing and a prayer. Is monitoring a gajillion gauges, meters and conditions not too tiresome? (And then dying because you can’t comprehend all the readings, of course) This is realistic, but in real life you have 24 hours in a day, while the more real time minutes CDDA has for a day, the harder it gets to actually do fun stuff.

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