Icecoon's semi-futuristic weapons

Thanks dwarfkoala. :slight_smile:

Two new weapons will be added to the pack, when I finish testing them.

CWD-63: A dragunov, that fires .308

Wrist DREAD: The miniaturized version of the DREAD(look at the video in my the previous post).
The Wrist DREAD will fire metal pellets, that you can craft yourself from the common handloading materials(lead, gold, silver, etc…), all you need is a forge and a crucible. In the case of lead pellets, nearby fire is enough.
The gun will be pretty rare though.

Any opinions, suggestions, ideas?

It doesn’t need hard coding, just add a crafting recipe that uses the civilian gun as a component. Most “civilian” guns like this are just the regular gun with some little bit added to disable full-auto. Probably don’t even need extra parts for the conversion, just some tools and skill.[/quote]

Well, that’s a good idea. Will do.[/quote]

weapon mods exist that modify burst potential. The rapid blowback mod is applicable to rifles and smg’s, increasing burst by +6 in exchange for accuracy and recoil. There is no need to have another version of the same gun with burst fire.

Necro-ing this because I like this and want other peeps to see dis.