New weapon mod problems

Its not such a code problem, but it happens to do with Icecoon’s weapon pack. You see, I’m making a small weapon pack with some AK variants. And one of those variants is the Ak-74 which shoots 5.45x39… The same ammo that Icecoon has in his weapon pack. I’m afraid that if I make a separate 5.45 ammo, it will conflict with his. What should I do?

An AK-74 that fires 5.45x39 from Icecoon’s pack has already been modified and implemented by Random Dragon into the mainline along with the ammunition, it’s present in the experimental versions right now. It’d be kind of redundant to make another AK-74 (unless it is specified variant) but you can just use the 5.45x39 that’s currently included for any weapons you want to fire it.

Cheeki breeki. owo

Well crap… I just downloaded the experimental version yesterday and now there are AK-74s? Jesus you guys sure to put out a lot of experimental versions…

Experimental builds go by so delightfully fast.

We don’t fuck around. :wink: