I was wonder if there will have walkie-talkie on the game? and how about riot shield?

Since we can make a camp, build a little community for now, I start thinking that we may also make a communication system on the game, I was think about walkie-talkie, you can found on the police station,dead military squad, zombie police body, zombie soldier body or something like that,

Once you have walkie-talkie. you can make a connect on you crews back in the camp, so you can talking to them on a long distance, such as request assist, command you crews what to do next, so if you recruit some new NPCs, you can use this to call them on you location if they also have walkie-talkie, and I guess you may need a radio on the camp in order to make the walkie-talkie working,

I think it will be a good idea to save you travel, so you wont need to go all the way back to the NPCs in order to make them rejoin, right? guys?

Otherwise, it’s always a good idea to take the battery out the walkie-talkie, yes?

other ideas, is about the riot shield, a bulletproof shield that may help you against the turret from the lab and factory, but you can only block them while you are not use the gun to aim anything,

there were supposed to have at least two material on the riot shield, one is the visible, other one is metal one,

so what you guys think about this? I hope I ain’t asking too much.


Walkies and radio do exist already. But mainly for props in the show. Because of the reality bubble. These will never exist to actually function. Which…sucks in post thinking about it =/

But this game has the raido tower or something, I think it may work out, besides, don’t we already have a two-way radio? I remember we used to use this one to calling NPCs?

There’s really no reason to make any of them are just for show now, there’s something we can just make it better, I mean, you can already make a solar generator on your vehicles, you can even make car became a boat, make a nuke engine or something like that, a laser cannon on the vehicles, what’s wrong with a little walkie-takie? we can just restore the raido station, so we can build a communication stystem, dude, I just saw a way to make this game feel better, can you agree with that? It’s not that hard, since you can doing that in real life? right?

unfortunately, I don’t have a ability to make codeing, so I guess, it’s has to be someone else to help us.

Could be something in the new 7000 experimentals. But I haven’t seen them work beyond pre-coded stuff “th_t _ooks a…like. Th_s”

I already watch walking dead, and even them are able calling each other with walkie-talkie, so do we, restore the power on the raido station shouldn’t be that hard, we may need to enable a backup power or something like that, even the lab itself has a backup power, and can light up right now.

by the way, what about riot shield? what you think about it?

I think shields were attempted a while back, and either the code was too difficult or the contribution stalled…

Radios I think could work well with the faction camp system, the faction camp already sidesteps the reality bubble issue by abstracting the NPCs efforts when you send them on missions, ( they dont really exist except for % chance of success etc) adding radio functionality to that could be an interesting factor.

This is actually a pretty cool idea. if you think about it, you can make the NPC spawn in your reality bubble based on the map direction, safest path, time it would take to travel and so on AND it would still look realistic.

I dunno about riot shield, cause think: if you were to implement it right now, it would be a omni-directional shield, and that is freaking OP. Unless you add a new mechanic like target-lock (can’t think of other uses except this and shooting while you run).

Yes, radio communication is a very primitive form of technology (relatively speaking) and is fairly simple to do in real life if you know what you’re doing. The complexity is not the reason this hasn’t been implemented as you seem to think. Things outside of the reality bubble, for all intents and purposes, cease to exist. It’s the same reason you can’t have power in a building unless you Jerry-rig a vehicle inside of the building, the game engine just can’t support it. If you think you want NPC’s with you just don’t leave your base without them. Also side note, true walkie-talkies wouldn’t need a radio tower to work because they communicate directly to one another (I’m pretty sure on that, someone correct me if I’m wrong)

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I think perhaps the simplest implementation wouldn’t be affected by the reality bubble at all.
You give an NPC a radio, you have one too.
You send him on a faction camp mission, game checks if he has a radio, he now has +10% chance of success, as a simulation of the benefit having radio contact provides.
There would be no actual point to point contact or chatting, because as you say - the reality bubble is a problem.
But they could still serve a purely numerical purpose in the abstracted “NPC on a mission” world.

I see the OP mentioned having the radio to call for backup and having the NPC appear, that is indeed probably impossible, unless all sorts of checks are made and references to the NPC are stored outside the reality bubble.

I know shields are a thing, but I’m not sure if it’s part of the medieval mod or not. There are wood, reinforced wood, heater shields, etc so I don’t think it would be hard to add a riot shield, but I do think it would be reasonably OP, unless some serious limits were placed on it somehow. Even if it was extremely encumbering to one arm (like the mod shields or the swag bag in vanilla) it would essentially be a highly resistant piece of equipment that could block bullets and regular attacks with a high success rate. I think it could be done pretty easily, but I don’t really know the code so I could be wrong.

I like the idea for the radio, but realistically I don’t think it would feasible to bring in back up or anything. I don’t think it would be too unrealistic to have one of the late upgrades for the main camp or a new communications expansion allow you to communicate with your base though. I’m thinking like a deployable beacon or something that would work similar to the camp manager. You could still send people out on missions, craft, etc, but only in the existing area around your camp. Again I don’t know how hard any of this would be to code, and I’m sure there would be issues with actually spawning in the items at the camp. Only thing I could think of is to cache the items somehow and only be able to collect them from the actual camp manager.

Radio backup from NPC companions would be cool But would bloat the game so much it wouldn’t even turn on. So unfortunately we won’t get them =/

Nvm that, even if it’s possible in what way they will come?

Teleport instantly or run to you? Cuz distance will be likely a key point in backup and if they just run they might die encountering big zombos.

But you could just make a radio station on your base and have one of the NPC handle it (if possible). Then you can just talk to them about making outpost.

Well, there ya go August last year, I said it was probably impossible, but I wanted it to happen, so heres a rough first attempt at it…