Re- establishing comms?

You know, something that would most likely be MASSIVELY code intensive but incredibly fun and immersive along with being a potential mid to late game goal would be establishing communication networks again in some way. Maybe have radio towers be able to actually send out signals and have people respond and talk to you over your radio would make companion gathering for camps better (have not dabbled in radio towers or camps much so maybe you can already do something similar.)

Set up enough towers or just get lucky, and automated music stations might start up, either thanks to bored survivors elsewhere or they were just too weak at the start. This could provide massive morale boosts when compared to MP3s cause you could actually tune your radio.

Or set up makeshift internet servers and boosters, along with a few random hotspots, and you could bring back a semblance of connection via internet. Maybe you get it as a quest from NPCS at the shelter, maybe you get approached by a vestige of the government looking to reestablish comms after x days cause they have been watching you and you look more capable than the rest. I don’t know the deeper parts of lore for CDDA.

Also, this makes could make quests much easier to do? Give a radio to someone who either asks you to get something or do something assuming you restored the tower’s power (and now it can actually signal boost other signals), do that action or get that item, and then you can radio to the quest giver to move to a tile. They will then “move” (teleport) to that tile after x days! No longer do you have to backtrack all the way back to somewhere just give a guy an inhaler of the nearest pharmacy was in the next town over.

you can kinda already do this.

give a two way radio to your follower, and have one yourself, and you can contact them from the # menu, and tell them to travel somewhere, or tell them to administer your basecamp while you are away.

Building a camp radio tower increases the range at which you can do this, and also enables recruitment of people for your camp.
In the future the radio tower will allow you to communicate with other factions too.


Its a building you can construct by making a camp, or you need to take over a radio tower?,

It’s one of the camp upgrades.

Thanks for telling me! Like I said, I haven’t really done much with camps yet so I had no idea!

Still would like it if my other ideas came up in devo, to serve more of a nomadic playstyle rather than be cooped up in camp or bound semi-near it.

Establishing a larger world network of things sounds like a herculean project in and of itself. Imagine writing the lore for various factions around the world, and then scripting which ones would be in your spawn region/ all of the additional content.

But, there certainly does seem to be potential with using a larger radio tower to boost signals and expand faction bases for future developments.

I think the code for the faction bases are still rather limited and in their infancy, only about a year+ old, but I’d love to see more done with radio communication in the future, just as I’d love to see an expansion on the active map to improve the challenge in the super late game.

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