I want to run the gamenon ly emulator handheld

Hi. Il trying to squeeze every power out of my retroid pocket 2 handheld. Its android 6.5. Dwarf fortress didnt work but i feel like this game might work. Any help or ideas how? Im not good at code only hardware. Currently upgrading cpu up to what motjerboard can handle. It would be a dream to run it handheld. Any ideas or suggestions? Ive only ever run it natively on win 10. Tjx

There should be an Android release available, though I’m not sure how to install it.

You cannot run DF on Android device - there are only desktop versions of it.

Retroid Pocket 2 is not too good for CDDA - there is just 1 GB of RAM, pretty low resolution of 640x480, no touchscreen, mouse or keyboard available.

You can try installing one of these APKs, but you will probably be disappointed by the experience:

Using google play store I got it installed, menu usage is tricky but it works. I’m a happy man now ^^

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