I think my artifact is broken?

The electric disc artifact that I have says ‘The electric disc glows brightly’, and recharges by damaging me by one point, but It doesnt seem to have a bad effect, nor does it ACTUALLY provide light. I cant craft anything after using the artifact and I cant see any further… can somone tell me if this thing is broken? or maybe im not using it properly?

Can you test something for me? I want you to stand inside a building on the ground floor and try it during the night, then walk outside of a building (still on the ground floor) and try again?

I think what’s happening is that the artifact check is after a shortcut check, so when you are below ground it just short circuits it and doesn’t do anything. I’d test it myself, but it would be much easier for you since you already have an artifact with the appropriate power (where I would need to keep generating them until I got one that had it). If it is what I think it is, it should be a relatively easy thing to fix.

I was actually just killed by triffids… -.- I dont have a character or a world even where that artifact still exists, lol


(It’s not that big of a deal, I’ll just put it on my “things to get around to testing”, list :P).

Activate good
14 light “The artifact glows brightly!” Temporary light source for 30 turns, which is effective as bionic flashlight.

Activate bad
20 mutate (No text shown with use) 2/3 chance to mutate.

Passive bad
28 STR-3
29 DEX-3
30 PER-3
31 INT-3
32 all stats -2
33 speed -20
37 sick Decreases health

4 Every minute, but hurt all character’s body parts by one HP (“You feel your body decaying.”)

From the wiki I generated an artifact and then changed an artifact in the save file to be similar to the artifact mentioned.

I found that it doesn’t light up buildings inside but it works fine outside. Its interesting when standing near a border of a structure, being the only source of light you illuminate the terrain outside but nothing inside.

Thanks, I can take a look into getting a fix up now that I’m sure what the problem is. :slight_smile: