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I am interested in making a bug-out-backpack, but my main problem is that i dont know how to keep all the items in the backpack so its more functional. If their could be a way to have it as a tool or something and then activate it to become a backpack full of gear. I just want it to be one item that when opened or activated either allows you to look into the bag or dumps the content into your inventory.

being able to have ‘container’ ‘clothing’ contain things while on the ground would be a well welcomed feature


I mean you could have a recipe for making a BoB and when activating it, it splits into the tolls and such. Iuse might be able to do that.

With current level of modding, you could make a toolbelt or such with mentionable weight (encumberance).
You must define it and look into the flags all individual tools have.
You should add a line to every recipe telling it to mind if such a belt is in your inventory, considering abovementioned tools.
Your toolbelt is Awesome, and it can be (D)isassembled into a regular toolbelt and tools it holds.
If you have those handpicked tools and enough materials for the regular item, you could craft it again.

If you want viable containers you can have them, too. Just open up your CodeBlocks or DevCpp or whatever and look for the
whole Insert Knife routine for the Boot item(s) is. This should give you a bliss idea how to code in a sack you want so bad.

It’s only that the encumberance is the key to this game, so respect that fact for your own gameplay sake.


There; answered[/center]

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