I keep crashing and I don't know why, no errors or anything, any advice?

So, after about 4 years of absence I’ve decided to load up the latest DDA experimental, and boy has the game changed. However, in some things it didn’t change for the better. Mainly, constant crashing. It doesn’t matter what I do, where I am, and what happens, I keep crashing about every half-an-hour to an hour, losing game progress all the time even with quicksaving (once I crashed after successfully installing some bionics in Lab start, then I crashed, loaded and tried to install bionics again but with catastrophic failures, no fun).

Has anyone experienced any constant crashing like that? Any tips, advice? I don’t have experimental z-levels, I do have NPCs, but they don’t seem to matter much since I crash even with ultra-rare NPC spawn and with no NPCs around. I crash even with only the basic mods that are automatically assigned when creating the world. Been trying different experimentals, same problem. I wasn’t constantly crashing four years ago. The most infuriating part is that the game just freezes for about three seconds then crashes to desktop. No errors, nothing. No apparent reason

So, anyone had any similar experience? If so, what did you do to help yourself? Or any ideas at all that might help fix this?

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I would try turning debug mode on. Not the debug menu, the debug mode. You’ll get some additional messages and you may see what’s causing the problem.

If you’re up to compiling your own code, building a debug version and running it under a debugger will pinpoint the problem, but that’s an extreme measure.

I had problems with the soundpack as there is no installation documentation for it really and if you put it in the wrong place it will crash the game. I am unsure if this is your problem however as it sounds like you were able to get into the game itself and were getting crashes with some bionics.

I do have a soundpack, but I am using a launcher to install everything and everything runs okay. It just seems too random though, as I also sometimes crash when loading a character creation screen or creating a world, or in-game when I am doing whatever. Annoying.

I had a few random crashes, but they are rather sporadic and I generally never lose much due to autosave.

Once though I got a weird glitch while installing a frame into my deathmobile my game crashed. After I loaded the game all stuff I installed in that particular car were shifted a tile to the left. I had to cut it back into pieces again and start again. It was only like 10-15 HD frames at that point so I didn’t really waste much time.

I’ve been having a lot of crashes where the game just randomly closes with no error message, sounds like a similar thing. The only difference is I don’t generally lose progress, unless I forget to quicksave often.

Edit: Not sure if it’s relevant or not but I don’t seem to be getting this problem on build 8046, only later builds.

Was just about to post a thread myself on this very topic. I would have given a debug too, except for the bug in question seems to be crashing to desktop every time. 7900 range was only doing it a handful of times. While the 8000 range of experimentals are now ctd after I start or a few minutes of just walking around.

I have to guess as to wth is causing it. But it maybe the new buildings acting up. I think the explosion bug was fixed, but maybe Kevin missed something in it?

Those newer “crash sites” involving helicopters and such maybe a problem. In any event. The game has been unplayable for the past few hundred updates and that really sucks. =(

I am personally not crashing that often, still playable but highly annoying. At least autosave works so there’s that. I also don’t use any mods except for the default preloaded ones and Mutant NPCs and NPC Traits. Are you using experimental z levels?

Nope. Actually I was playing 8065 almost all day today and I noticed the 2 mods that tinker with turrets and robot parts maybe the cause of my ctd’s. Not 100% certain. But every time I had those on I ctd in towns and such where road block turrets were. While turning them off I could find those same areas functioning normally.

Hard to pin point when we have so much crap in the game. But if it narrows things down for coders reading this. I hope it helps.